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Off-Campus Housing Classifieds


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If you are a PhilaU student and have a vacancy in your off-campus apartment, this is where you can advertise your extra space.  You may also browse these vacancies if you are looking to move off-campus to a location resided by other PhilaU students.  This is a FREE service ONLY for PhilaU community members.

Welcome to the PhilaU Off Campus Housing Classifieds!!

This database is restricted to only Philadelphia University user accounts.  Please note that the rest of the "wiki" site is under construction.  The PhilaU Off-Campus Housing Classfieds has been updated and is ready to go LIVE!
  • "Sign In" link in the upper right corner of the screen.  Please remember to login to the student domain by entering STUDENT\Username.
  • To Add a listing click the "Add Document" link at bottom of page.
  • To edit a listing, click the entry you wish to view/update, make any necessary changes and click save

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